General Motors Co. Sold 252,894 Vehicles in the United States in May

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General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) sold 252,894 vehicles in the United States in May, up 3 percent compared with a year ago. Retail sales increased 9 percent, fleet sales were down 10 percent and the fleet mix was 26 percent of total sales.

“Cadillac is growing faster than it has in almost 40 years, the pickup rebound is in full swing and we’re seeing strong retail demand for our crossovers” said Kurt McNeil, vice president of U.S. sales operations. “These are all powerful signs that the gradual recovery in the economy is becoming more broad-based. That’s great news for the auto industry and General Motors.”

GM’s trucks sales were up 15 percent versus a year ago, including a 23 percent increase for large pickups and a 30 percent increase for large SUVs.

Crossover sales were up 3 percent. Compact crossover sales were up 10 percent and set a monthly record behind the Chevrolet Equinox, which had its best month ever. The Equinox has now posted 17 consecutive monthly sales increases.

Retail passenger car sales were up 2 percent while total sales were down 6 percent. Lower fleet sales were due primarily to the timing of customer deliveries.

May 2013 Sales Total Sales YOY Change Retail Sales YOY Change
Chevrolet 179,510 0.9% 124,897 5.4%
GMC 41,594 7.0% 33,814 11.5%
Buick 17,982 (3.1)% 15,897 9.9%
Cadillac 13,808 39.9% 13,050 36.6%
Total GM 252,894 3.1% 187,658 8.6%

May Highlights (vs. 2012)

  • Cadillac’s 40 percent sales increase marked its best May since 2007.
  • Chevrolet had its best retail sales month since August 2009.
  • Retail sales of GM’s redesigned medium crossovers were very strong: the Chevrolet Traverse was up 14 percent, and GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave were up 15 percent and 19 percent, respectively.

May Highlights (vs. 2012) – continued

  • Strong Chevrolet Spark sales and double-digit increases for the Buick Verano, Chevrolet Sonic and Cruze drove a 27 percent increase in sales of mini, small and compact cars.
  • The Chevrolet Cruze had its best May sales ever, and the Sonic had its best month ever.
  • Chevrolet dealers delivered more than 2,350 all-new 2014 Impalas.

Calendar Year-to-Date

CYTD Sales Total Sales YOY Change Retail Sales YOY Change
Chevrolet 821,674 5.1% 559,991 6.6%
GMC 181,320 11.0% 154,874 12.7%
Buick 82,759 16.0% 74,113 16.9%
Cadillac 69,750 37.6% 62,937 28.6%
Total GM 1,155,503 8.3% 851,915 9.9%

Calendar Year-to-Date Highlights (vs. 2012)

  • The last time Cadillac delivered a larger year-to-date sales increase was in 1976.
  • Buick retail sales have increased for 13 consecutive months.
  • Truck sales were up 12 percent, including a 22 percent increase in sales of large pickups and a 23 percent increase for large SUVs.
  • Crossover sales were up 17 percent and car sales were essentially equal to a year ago.
  • GM’s fleet mix was 26 percent, which is in line with the company’s full-year strategy.
Inventory Units @
May 31
Days Supply (selling day adjusted) Units @
April 30
Days Supply (selling day adjusted)
All Vehicles 708,939 73 720,699 76
Full-size Pickups 220,466 93 228,524 103
Industry Sales May SAAR (est.) Calendar Year (est.) GM Full Year Forecast
Light Vehicles 15.4 million range 15.2 million 15.0 – 15.5 million range